Creative Instructions on Burning Old Photographs (Here’s to All the Women)

Creative Instructions galore! Watch the music video or just listen on a streaming platform of your choice. Either way, enjoy our new single.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our friends who graciously agreed to help us:

Dawid Lipka for not only appearing in the music video but also playing the trumpet for the song’s recording.
Adela Rostek for once again supporting us at the last minute with her Photoshop expertise in cutout preparation.
Łukasz Rat Czerwiński for providing additional equipment and skills — also at the last minute — during the video shoot.
Piotr Orłowski for opening his doors and hosting us at the iconic Wydział Remontowy.
We also thank everyone who made time that day to star in the recording: Basia, Siekiera, Klaudia, Martyna, Magda, Kuman, Leon, Kamil—you really are the bestest of friends. Here’s to all the people in our lives!

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